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FAQ – Graduate Program

Have a question in mind? We listed down some of the Frequently Asked Questions in the graduate program to help guide you. If you have further questions not covered in this FAQ, please send us an inquiry through

About the Program

What courses are offered in the Graduate program of UP AIT?

UP AIT offers The Graduate Diploma in Tourism Development and Management (GDip TDM) which leads to the degree of Master of Science in Tourism Development and Management (MSTDM).

Where can I get a description of the courses in the Graduate Program?

The graduate program courses are listed here. You may also view the description of courses here If you would like to know more about the subjects, please send us an e-mail.

I am a non-tourism degree graduate, am I eligible to apply to the Graduate Diploma in Tourism Development and Management?

All tourism and non-tourism graduates, with at least 1-year work experience and who would like to obtain a diploma and/or an advance degree in the field of tourism management and development may apply.

Eligibility and Admission

What are the requirements for admission to the graduate program?

The list of requirements and downloadable application forms can be found in this page.

Will I still be considered for admission if my work experience is not in the field of tourism?

Yes, applicants whose work experiences are non-tourism related are welcome to apply.  However, all applications will be assessed based on results of entrance examination, interview, academic performance, essay, and recommendations.

Will you credit the graduate diploma/master courses/subjects that I took in another college or university?

At present, UP AIT does not accept shiftees for the Graduate Program. Courses/Subjects taken in other colleges or universities will not be credited for the completion of the GDipTDM and MSTDM.

What is the coverage of the entrance exam?

The entrance exam uses different types of questions that aim to assess your current knowledge, comprehension, logic, and analytical skills. Advanced knowledge of tourism is not required.

Credits, Schedule and Program Duration

What is the schedule of classes? I have a full-time job and am taking the course part-time.

The UPAIT Graduate Program is intended to meet the professional development needs of graduates to advance their careers in the tourism industry.  Thus the UPAIT Graduate Program as much as practicable will offer weekday evenings and Saturday classes.

What is the full load for a regular graduate student?

Graduate students are advised to take 9 units to get full load credit per semester or an equivalent of 2 – 3 classes per semester depending on the course credit units.

How many units do I have to take to earn a Graduate Diploma or Master’s Degree?

All students enrolled in the Graduate Program of UP AIT need to take a total of 21 units of required and elective Courses, which will allow the completion of a Graduate Diploma. Should the student want to advance to a Master’s Degree, the student needs to take 16 or 19 more units depending on the track they choose; Plan A is a thesis track with 19 units or Plan B, a non-thesis track with 16 units.

How long will it take for me to finish the graduate diploma (GDipTDM) and the master degree (MSTDM) if I go on full load?

Full-time GDipTDM students, taking a normal load, may complete the degree in three semesters (approximately 1.5 years). The time limit for the completion of all diploma requirements shall be no more than two (2) years starting from the student’s first enrollment in the course and shall include all leaves of absence from the program.

If GDipTDM graduates choose to continue to MSTDM, you must complete an additional 19 units (Plan A, thesis track) or 16 units (Plan B, non-thesis track), which may be taken in two semesters and one mid-year term. The time limit for the completion of the Master’s requirements shall be three (3) years, starting from the student’s first enrollment in the course and shall include all leaves of absence from the program.

Are there time limits or maximum residency requirements for the program?

Yes. There will be time limit of 2 years from enrollment for the GDipTDM, and a time limit of 3 years for MSTDM, maximum years to finish is 5 years.

Tuition Fee and Financial Assistance

How much is the cost per unit and what is the estimated cost of tuition fees per semester?

The cost per unit is Php 2,000 and the estimated cost of tuition fees for full load per semester is around Php 20,000 – 25,000.

Are financial assistance and scholarships available to help defray cost of tuition fees and other living expenses?

Students and prospective applicants are requested to search for available grants or scholarships at the University of the Philippines Office of Scholarships and Student Services. 

For list of available scholarships visit the website of the University of the Philippines Office of Student Scholarships

Note: All information are presumed accurate at the time of publication (June 2021).

Tourism Development Framework Plans for Guinayangan, Quezon and Silang, Cavite

Photos and text courtesy of Dr. Randi Alampay.

Amidst the pandemic and the remote delivery of classes in UP AIT, the graduate students from the University of the Philippines Asian Institute of Tourism officially turned over the final reports for the Tourism Development Framework Plans (TDFP) of the municipalities of Guinayangan, Quezon and Silang, Cavite.

Hon. Cesar Juarez Isaac III, Municipal Mayor of Guinayangan, Quezon

These plans were developed in consultation with the LGUs and local stakeholder — all done through online communications — from September 2020 to January 2021.

Hon. Socorro Rosario F. Poblete Municipal Mayors of Silang.

The project to provide technical assistance to the LGUs in the preparation of their TDFPs is the final requirement for completion of the Graduate Diploma in Tourism Development and Management.

Congratulations to the members of the Tour 283 class for the First Semester of AY 2020-2021: June Antonio, Stevan Alvarado, Daphne Lontajo, Darlene Hazel Serran, and Joyce Villapaña for Guinayangan;

Isa Eslao, Charmaine Blones, Brenda Liao, and Rouanna Opong for Silang.

To know more about the Graduate Diploma in Tourism Development and Management of UP AIT, click here, or send us an email at

Undergraduate Program

To be eligible for admission to the B.S. Tourism Program, a student must either be:

  • Freshman admitted through the UP College Admission Test (UPCAT); the student has completed High School level
  • A shiftee or transfer student from other UP campuses or other Colleges/Universities; the student has earned units from another UP Unit or other college/university

For incoming freshman students, visit the University of the Philippines Office of Admission website for UPCAT information, eligibility, required documents, and important dates.

Photo source:

Thinking of Shifting or Transferring to UP AIT? Here’s what you need to know.

For students from other UP units and other universities, applicants must have completed the following minimum requirements:

30 units          –           for UP Students (S2, T1)

33 units          –           for non-UP Students (T2)

Applicants cannot make up for any inadequacy in the number of units by enrolling during the Summer after the application period. 

Tourism courses taken prior to application cannot be credited to substitute the courses in the curriculum of UP AIT

The General Weighted Average (GWA) requirements for applicants should be at least:

2.00     –           for UP Students (S2, T1) Download the application documents here.

1.75     –           for non-UP Students (T2) Read this link to access the guide, application form and submission link for T2 Applicants

Applicants must also pass the interview by the AIT Admissions Committee


1. The first screening will be the number of units earned and the GWA.  All applicants must pass the first screening before proceeding to the second level.

For T2 applicants, the screening will be done by the Office of the University Registrar. Once they have validated your credentials, only then can UP-AIT proceed to the second level of screening.

2. The second screening will be the interview. Applicants who pass the first screening will be given a schedule for their interview set by the Admissions Committee.

In light of the restrictions brought about by the COVID-19 pandemic, interviews will be conducted online. Please ensure that you have a valid and working e-mail account and access to stable internet connection.

3. The applicants will be ranked according to:

60%  of the applicant’s GWA

40%  of the interview grade


UP Students (S2, T1) can email their application to from July 5-16, 2021
FOR T2 Applicants:
  • Applicants from other universities (T2) can apply from from June 1-30, 2021
  • The application guide, link to the form and submission can be accessed here
  • T2 Applicants will be admitted on the first semester only
  • The minimum GWA and Units required must be complied upon application
  • For guidance: 1st Semester is from August-December while 2nd Semester is from January-May, Mid-year term is July to August.

Graduate Program

To be eligible for admission to the Graduate Program, applicants must meet the following requirements:

1. Bachelor’s degree from a recognized institution of higher learning

2. At least one year work experience

3. Intellectual capacity and aptitude for advanced studies, as determined through an entrance exam and interviews by a Graduate Program Committee

4. Satisfaction of additional University requirements such as health clearance and other special admission requirements that may be imposed by the unit and/or the Graduate Program Committee

5. As per University policy foreign applicants whose medium of instruction in their previous degrees held is not English should have taken either the Test of English as a Foreign Language (TOEFL) or International English Language Testing System (IELTS)

  • For TOEFL, score of at least 500 in the paper-based, 173 in the computer-based or 61 in the internet based (IBT) test
  • For IELTS, score of at least 5.5 score in the exam


Download the application documents here.

1. PSA Birth Certificate (photocopy upon application, original of PSA paper upon  admission)

2. Marriage Contract (photocopy upon application, original of PSA paper upon admission)

3. Official Transcript of Records or True Copy of Grades (photocopy upon application, original Transcript of Records upon admission)

4. Diploma (photocopy upon application, original upon admission)

5. Certificate of Employment/Contract of service or proof of previous employment or self-employment

6. Two (2) pcs. passport size photos

7. Two (2) completed recommendation letters from former or current employers, supervisors or professors. Each recommendation letter should be sent by directly by the recommending professor or supervisor via email:

8. Duly accomplished application form

9. Data Privacy Form

Download the application documents here.


Submit the required documents not later than June 15, 2021, via email: applicants will receive notice on their schedule of exam and interview.

Tourism Capacity Building with Local Government Units

The UP Asian Institute of Tourism conducted a series of Tourism Capacity Building seminars to local governments in the provinces of Quezon and Nueva Vizcaya. Headed by Dr. Reil Cruz, Director for the Division on Tourism Research and Extension Services DTRES), these seminars were conducted through the UPD OVCRD Extension Grant 2018-2019. The participants who attended were tourism designates and officers, as well as LGU elected officials.

The AIT team with Quezon province LGUs (August 8-9, 2019)

The AIT team with Nueva Vizcaya LGUs, Nueva Vizcaya Provincial Tourism Officer Marichelle Costales, and Nueva Vizcaya Governor Carlos Padilla (August 15-16, 2019)

Together with Dr. Cruz, Dr. Monina Buccat, DPA and Asst. Prof. Maria Carmela Ibañez, EnP comprised the team of resource speakers for the seminars. Tourism planning and development, tourism site development guidelines, and institutional strengthening for tourism were some of the topics discussed.

South Africa Student Engagement on Tourism

In coordination with the UP Office of International Linkages (OIL) Diliman, the UP Asian Institute of Tourism hosted delegates from the South African Embassy and South African Tourism organization last September 3, 2019. Attended by students, faculty, and staff, a forum on South African Tourism took place in the AIT audio visual room.

Screen Shot 2019-09-04 at 12.18.00 PM.png
Ms Neliswa Nkani, South Africa Tourism Hub-Head for Middle East, India and South
East Asia (MEISEA), discussing South Africa tourism to AIT students, faculty, and staff

Found on the southernmost tip of the African continent, South Africa is a parliamentary republic that is home to approximately 55 million multiethnic people. The Table Mountain, which is part of the UNESCO Cape Floral Region Protected Areas World Heritage Site, is one of the notable tourist attractions in the country (South African Tourism).

From left to right: Ms Neliswa Nkani (South Africa Tourism MEISA Hub-Head), Mr Boiki Motloung (South African Embassy Charge d’Affaires), Dr. Edieser dela Santa (AIT Dean), Director Imee S. Martinez (OIL Diliman)

AIT students, faculty, and staff together with the delegates from the South African Embassy and South African Tourism organization


Turnover Ceremony of Proposed Tourism Development Framework Plans to Select Municipalities of Pangasinan

Screen Shot 2019-08-08 at 2.41.54 PM.png

Dean Edieser D. Dela Santa of the University of the Philippines Asian Institute of Tourism (UP AIT), led the turnover ceremony of the proposed Tourism Development Framework Plans of the Municipalities of Binmaley, Bugallon, Calasiao, Manaoag, and San Fabian, Pangasinan on 3 August 2019 at the UP AIT Building, Diliman, Quezon City.

Ms. Maria Luisa Elduayan , Tourism Officer of the Provincial Tourism & Cultural Affairs Office (PTCAO), representing the Provincial Government of Pangasinan, accepted the proposed framework plans.

The plans were prepared by the Graduate Diploma in Tourism Development and Management students, who were enrolled in Tour 283 during the Mid-year Semester 2019, in cooperation with the PTCAO and the tourism officers namely, Ms. Josefina C. Victorio of Binmaley, Ms. Rina Sison Canave of Bugallon, Engr. Melanio De Vera of Calasiao, Ms. Leng Tamayo – Ijiran of Manaoag, and Mr. Jonathan Gacosta of San Fabian.

Screen Shot 2019-08-08 at 2.41.26 PM.png

The plan preparation was supervised by Prof. Randi Alampay, Ph.D. and Prof. Maria Carmela Ibañez of UP AIT.

This undertaking was made possible through a Memorandum of Agreement (MOA) signed between the University of the Philippines and the Province of Pangasinan.

The turnover ceremony was also attended by Prof. Reil Cruz, PhD, Director of the Division of Tourism Research and Extension Services, Prof. Ma. Criselda Badilla, PhD, Director of the Division of Academic Affairs, Prof. Giovanni Legazpi, Institute Secretary, Prof. Monina Buccat, DPA, Graduate Program Coordinator, Prof. Susan Solis, PhD, Prof. Ma. Carmela Ibanez, Prof. Victoria Villegas-Bacay, Prof. Danielle Guillen, PhD, and Professorial Lecturer Danilo Corpuz.

About AIT

The University of the Philippines – Asian Institute of Tourism (AIT) is the premier institution of tourism education in the Philippines, the first school in Southeast Asia to offer a four-year degree program leading to a Bachelor of Science in Tourism. In January 2018, AIT opened its graduate studies program through the Graduate Diploma on Tourism Development and Management which leads to a Master of Science Degree in Tourism Development and Management. AIT is the only institution in the Philippines that focuses on equipping its students with the knowledge and skills needed to navigate the complex processes of development and management of a globally competitive tourism industry.

AIT’s mission is to upgrade the travel and tourism profession by providing high quality education and training to students who will be the industry’s future leaders, managers, entrepreneurs, and technical experts.

No photo description available.

(June 2019) The graduates, AIT Faculty and staff together with the guest of honor and AIT Alumna, Myca Magnolia Maog-Fischer, First Secretary and Consul General, Embassy of the Philippines, Phnom Penh, Kingdom of Cambodia.  

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