Degree Programs in AIT

AIT offers two types of degree programs: Undergraduate program (BS Tourism) and the Graduate program (Graduate Diploma leading to a Master of Science Degree). Both programs have their own set requirements, criteria for admission and application deadlines.

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Undergraduate Program

The BS Tourism Program of UP-AIT is a four-year course focused on developing leaders with broad understanding and knowledge relevant to tourism development and management. The program includes courses on:

  • Functional areas of management (marketing, finance & accounting,
    human resources, etc.)
  • Industrial sectors of tourism (transportation, accommodation, travel
    services, and Meetings, Incentives, Conventions and Exhibitions (MICE))
  • Tourism development and management (planning, ecotourism,
    Philippine culture and tourism, special topics, etc.)
  • Tourism research (research methods and thesis writing) and
  • General education (arts and humanities, social sciences, mathematics and statistics)
  • Internship in any of the industrial sectors of tourism

To be admitted to the BS Tourism Program, a student must either be a freshman or a transfer student from other UP campuses or other Colleges/Universities.

Freshman Admission –  This requires the student to be:

  • A UP College Admission Test (UPCAT) qualifier
  • Graduate from High Schools abroad provided:
    • That the student has completed the High School program
    • That the student has passed a college qualifying national or
      international foreign-administered examination such as the General
      Certificate of Education (GCE) Examination or the Scholastic Aptitude
      Test (SAT)

Transfer admission – Students from other UP units or other universities must
have completed the following minimum requirements for transfer admission:

First screening (60%)

  • For UP Students: must have taken a minimum of 30 units prior
    application; must have at least 2.0 general weighted average (GWA)
  • For Non-UP Students: must have taken a minimum of 33 units prior
    application; must have at least 1.75 general weighted average (GWA)

Second screening (40%) – all applicants must pass the interview

You may view the University of the Philippines Office of Admission website for further details on UPCAT or the Office of the University Registrar for the guidelines for transferring to UP Diliman.

Graduate Program

The Graduate Diploma in Tourism Development and Management (GDip TDM), which leads to the Master of Science in Tourism Development and Management (MSTDM) program, is intended to equip students with the knowledge and skills needed to navigate the complex processes of development and management of a globally competitive tourism industry. Both programs aim to contribute to the creation of an improved tourism society regionally and globally where the development of tourism is planned and there is proper stewardship of the natural resources and preservation of local culture.

The programs are designed primarily for persons who currently work in the tourism industry who are interested in augmenting their industrial experience with academic qualifications, and those who hold a bachelor’s degree or equivalent qualifications who are interested in pursuing studies in tourism.


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Download the FAQs to learn more about AIT’s Graduate Program

In order to advance to the Master’s Program, students of GDipTDM must maintain a 1.75 GWA to advance to MSTDM. Graduates from the diploma program will be given three (3) years to be able to credit his/her units for continuation towards obtaining the Master’s degree.

Core Courses
Theory and Practice in Tourism Development and Management
Tourism Destination Development and Management
Product Development and Marketing in Tourism
Policy and Governance in Tourism
Impacts of Tourism Development
Tourism Strategy
Investment Planning in Tourism
Tourism Development Workshop
Tourism Development and Management Research Seminar
Research Methods in Tourism Development and Management
Elective Courses
Tourism Entrepreneurship and Destination Development
Ecotourism Development and Management
Culture and Tourism Development and Management
Special Topics

Total Units 




MS TDM (Plan A, Thesis track)
16 MS TDM (Plan B, Non-thesis track)