Alumni Corner

The UP AIT Alumni Association is envisioned to be a dynamic and passionate organization that is internationally recognized as a valuable resource for the development of the tourism industry.

The AIT Alumni Association is composed of graduates of the Philippines’ first tourism management school, its mission is to bring together and support its members’ holistic development in partnership with the AIT, in the service of the tourism industry and the Nation. The AITAA has the following goals:

  1. To provide a venue for growth and development for its members
  2. To strengthen partnerships with AIT through mutually beneficial and relevant programs and activities
  3. To maximize links with various sectors of the tourism industry

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Read the latest President’s Report

“With more help from all you, we can do a lot more. Link up with us, share your networks, your time, your expertise and your resources. Together, we can do great things”

We would like to know how you are doing and how your UP AIT education has helped in your life and career so far. Answer our Alumni Tracker form:

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