Welcome Back to AIT!

A Message from Dean Leticia Susan Lagmay-Solis

Welcome back to the Asian Institute of Tourism and a new academic year! We hope that you are doing well wherever you all are. Like you, the faculty and staff are looking forward to being with you for on-campus activities soon. Preparations are being undertaken to ensure that our building will indeed be a safe and healthy facility for everyone. Classrooms, the library, lobbies, and other facilities have been retrofitted in line with the University’s guidelines for the resumption of F2F on-campus activities. At the same time, we are finalizing the protocols and procedures to guide all of us on the safe, responsible, and proper use of our shared spaces and facilities.

As we work as quickly as possible on all of these, all the undergraduate and graduate classes in the first two weeks will be held online. Please do not come to the AIT building; we are not yet authorized to meet you on-site.

Although the AIT Library was permitted to conduct limited, face to face activities starting the Midyear Term, the final authority to conduct face to face classes for the first semester can be granted only after the consultations which will be undertaken by your respective professors in your virtual sessions in the first week of classes.

To schedule your visit to the library, please visit HTTPS://BIT.LY/3A1TYGL

Library use is strictly by appointment. Please schedule your visit in advance.

On your first online class meetings for the semester, your faculty will be consulting with you on your concerns, suggestions and other thoughts about F2F and on-campus activities.

At the same time, the faculty and staff will be working with your AIT Student Council and your student organization leaders on the specific guidelines for the eventual re-opening of AIT to all of us. Be assured that we will finalize all these procedures in close coordination with all of you. By working closely with all our stakeholders, we hope that we will be able to truly say “See you all very soon at AIT!”

Take care and stay safe, everyone!

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