Turnover Ceremony of Proposed Tourism Development Framework Plans to Select Municipalities of Pangasinan

Screen Shot 2019-08-08 at 2.41.54 PM.png

Dean Edieser D. Dela Santa of the University of the Philippines Asian Institute of Tourism (UP AIT), led the turnover ceremony of the proposed Tourism Development Framework Plans of the Municipalities of Binmaley, Bugallon, Calasiao, Manaoag, and San Fabian, Pangasinan on 3 August 2019 at the UP AIT Building, Diliman, Quezon City.

Ms. Maria Luisa Elduayan , Tourism Officer of the Provincial Tourism & Cultural Affairs Office (PTCAO), representing the Provincial Government of Pangasinan, accepted the proposed framework plans.

The plans were prepared by the Graduate Diploma in Tourism Development and Management students, who were enrolled in Tour 283 during the Mid-year Semester 2019, in cooperation with the PTCAO and the tourism officers namely, Ms. Josefina C. Victorio of Binmaley, Ms. Rina Sison Canave of Bugallon, Engr. Melanio De Vera of Calasiao, Ms. Leng Tamayo – Ijiran of Manaoag, and Mr. Jonathan Gacosta of San Fabian.

Screen Shot 2019-08-08 at 2.41.26 PM.png

The plan preparation was supervised by Prof. Randi Alampay, Ph.D. and Prof. Maria Carmela Ibañez of UP AIT.

This undertaking was made possible through a Memorandum of Agreement (MOA) signed between the University of the Philippines and the Province of Pangasinan.

The turnover ceremony was also attended by Prof. Reil Cruz, PhD, Director of the Division of Tourism Research and Extension Services, Prof. Ma. Criselda Badilla, PhD, Director of the Division of Academic Affairs, Prof. Giovanni Legazpi, Institute Secretary, Prof. Monina Buccat, DPA, Graduate Program Coordinator, Prof. Susan Solis, PhD, Prof. Ma. Carmela Ibanez, Prof. Victoria Villegas-Bacay, Prof. Danielle Guillen, PhD, and Professorial Lecturer Danilo Corpuz.

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