Accepted Applicants of the Graduate Diploma in Tourism Development and Management

Congratulations to the Accepted Applicants of the AIT Graduate Program (2nd Semester, AY 2018-2019)

Agustin, Mark Jefferson S.
Ajero, Jennifer Claire M.
Allan, Alex Travis H.
Cenzon, Geraldine V.
Cruzada, Enrico A.
Del Rosario, Romano D.
Fulgar, Dyanara C.
Mejia, Ian Pablo O.
Opong, Rouanna V.
Oropeza, Milo S.
Sangalang, Elinia Imelda
Sison, Rensan Katherine B.
Tiongco, Ramon Jr. A.

To complete your admission requirements to the University of the Philippines, please submit the COMPLETE set of requirements to the UP Office of the University Registrar, UP Diliman, Quezon City on or before 10 December 2018, as follows:

  1. College admission slip and acceptance letter (to be secured from the OIS)
  2. Student Directory (pink form), filled-up with 2×2 picture (to be secured from the OIS)
  3. Plan of Study, signed by the Graduate Program Coordinator (to be secured from the OIS)
  4. Original copy of Transcript of Records
  5. Honorable Dismissal (those who graduated or took masters degree from other universities)
  6. Original copy of Birth Certificate (PSA)
  7. Permit to Transfer (if student has enrolled in a graduate course in any UP unit)
  8. Medical Certificate – Fit to enroll (can be secured from the UP Health Service or a certificate secured from your family medical doctor to be validated by the UP Health Service)

* OUR will not accept incomplete submission of required documents.

Please also indicate your intention to enroll for the 2nd Semester 2018-2019 not later than 10 December 2018. You may refer to the details in the Notice of Admission sent to your e-mail for further information, reminders and requirements.

The next round of applications for the Graduate Program of UP AIT will be announced soon. Check back on this page for further updates

The Graduate Diploma in Tourism Development and Management (GDip TDM)  which leads to the Master of Science in Tourism Development and Management (MSTDM) program are intended to equip students with the knowledge and skills needed to navigate the complex processes of development and management of a globally competitive tourism industry.

Both programs aim to contribute to the creation of an improved tourism society regionally and globally where the development of tourism is planned and there is proper stewardship of the natural resources and preservation of the local culture. The programs are designed primarily for persons who currently work in the tourism industry who are interested in augmenting their industrial experience with academic qualifications; those who hold a bachelor’s degree or equivalent qualifications who are interested in pursuing studies in tourism.

Click here to download the Graduate Program Brochure

Admission Requirements

1. Bachelor’s degree from a recognized institution of higher learning

2. At least one year work experience

3. Intellectual capacity and aptitude for advanced studies, as determined through an entrance exam and interviews by a Graduate Program Committee

4. Satisfaction of additional University requirements such as health clearance and other special admission requirements that may be imposed by the unit and/or the Graduate Program Committee

5. As per University policy foreign applicants whose medium of instruction in their previous degrees held is not English should have taken either the Test of English as a Foreign Language (TOEFL) or International English Language Testing System (IELTS)

For TOEFL, score of at least 500 in the paper-based, 173 in the computer-based or 61 in the internet based (IBT) test. For IELTS, score of at least 5.5 score in the exam

Required Documents

1. PSA Birth Certificate (photocopy upon application, original of PSA paper upon  admission)

2. Marriage Contract (photocopy upon application, original of PSA paper upon admission)

3. Official Transcript of Records or True Copy of Grades (photocopy upon application, original Transcript of Records upon admission)

4. Diploma (photocopy upon application, original upon admission)

5. Certificate of Employment/Contract of service or proof of previous employment or self-employment

6. Two (2) pcs. passport size photos

7. Two (2) completed recommendation letters from former or current employers, supervisors or professors. Each recommendation letter should be enclosed in a sealed envelope

8. Duly accomplished application form

9. Data Privacy Consent Form

10. Application fee

Click here to download the application documents

All documents must be submitted in person or through mail to:


c/o Division of Tourism Research and Extension Services, Asian Institute of Tourism, University of the Philippines

2nd floor, Mezzanine, Bonifacio Hall (SOLAIR), R.P. De Guzman Street, University of the Philippine, Diliman Quezon City

Incomplete submission of requirements will not be processed

Program Pre-requisites

It is preferred that applicants hold a tourism or tourism-related baccalaureate degree. The curriculum for the programs assumes a prerequisite knowledge base in the areas of Principles of Tourism (Tourism 110) and Tourism Management (Tourism 122).

Persons who are admitted whose prior training does not include adequate coverage of these areas will be required to pursue the above undergraduate courses. Such pre-requisite courses do not count towards the credit requirements of the diploma program.

Upon successful completion of these pre-requisite courses, students will be allowed to begin the Diploma program. Students are required to pass the coursework and exam components to pass the courses. In addition, other prerequisites may be required upon evaluation of the Graduate Program Committee.

Advancement to Master’s Program

In order to advance to the Master’s Program, students of GDipTDM must maintain a 1.75 GWA to advance to MSTDM. Graduates from the diploma program will be given three (3) years to be able to credit his/her units for continuation towards obtaining the Master’s degree. Beyond this period, the Graduate Program Committee will recommend additional course(s) depending on the changes made to the original courses taken by the student.

Within their first semester of enrollment in the Master’s Program, students must choose between MSTDM Plan A (thesis track) and Plan B (non-thesis track). Transfer from Plan A to B or B to A will be allowed depending on evaluation of students‘ performance and the recommendation of Graduate Program Committee.


For further information , click on the picture below to view the Frequently Asked Questions in the Graduate Program:

Header for FAQ

Have a question? Try reading the FAQs.  Reach us through Facebook @UPAIT or email | Tel no. (02) 9818500 loc 2796



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